Catalonia graffiti

Our recent trip to Catalonia proved to be a magnificent overload in the eye-candy department.  Of course, the Moderniste architecture (and urban infrastructure) is spectacular, especially in Barcelona. But there are also blocks of Medieval structures wedged between Art Deco, Roman foundations and arched vaults cropping out of contemporary buildings, and even exquisite minimalism.

Barcelona is one highly-concentrated example of the built environment as a living organism. Everywhere you glance is something  textural, structural, and tectonic to behold, and often that something presents the essential riot that is that city’s history.

Amazingly, excellent graffiti is also pervasive. These images were taken in Barcelona, Tarragona, and Girona and are a sample from about 60 images of graffiti art. Oh, but did I mention the paving stones … Maybe next time.

I am a librarian and artist living in Eugene, Oregon — where it is often damp and always green.